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:: PaperPro® Compact / Desktop Stapler ::t

One Finger Staple Driving Power

These staplers deliver big performance. Squeezed into this stapler's small housing is the patented PaperPro® staple driving mechanism - which delivers enough power to staple up to 15 sheets of paper (Half-strip) and 20 sheets (Full-Strip) with the pressure of one finger.

Compact Stapler (15 Sheet)

Desktop Stapler (20 Sheet)






:: PaperPro® High Capacity Stapler ::t

One Finger Staple Driving Power

This professional grade stapler is the perfect solution for high capacity situations. Other high capacity staplers simply give the user a bigger lever with which to power the stapler - the PaperPro® provides the power for you. It staples up to sixty sheets of paper with the pressure of just two fingers - that's less force than most staplers require for just 20 sheets.



:: Pilot "Frixion" Erasable Rollerball Pen ::

New smooth silk like writing rollerball with stainless steel tip. Rubberised grip ensures comfortable writing. Frixion ink is erased with gray tail plug rubbing action. No debris, rewrite immediately.

Suggested Retail Price: R25.00 Incl.


  :: Power Pritt Gel::tween stapling and
  • Powerful multi-purpose gluing of various materials like felt, fabric, leather, paper, cardboard, styropor®, wood, many plastics (not PP, PE, PTFE) as well as metal and much more.
  • Perfect handling with the unique, ergonomic shape
  • Controlled and precise application based on the optimum press-point
  • Drawing-back of the glue
  • Clean and easy gluing
  • No stringing
  • Excellent gluing on rough surfaces and gaps
  • Ideal for use in school, home and office
  • Innovative top down bottle: immediate glue availability
  • Solvent-free
  • Odour-neutral
  • Washable at 60 °C
  • Switch with one hand between precise and wide gluing

 Suggested Retail Price: R30.00 Incl..


:: EnerGel Needle Tip Retractable Rollerball ::

The next generation of gel roller pen. Super-smooth and quick-drying liquid gel ink. Rubber grip for comfortable writing.

 Suggested Retail Price: R22.00 Excl.

:: EnerGize Mechanical Pencil ::

Stylish mechanical pencil with ultra-soft rubber grip for comfortable writing. The pencil barrel is available in four stylish designs.

 Suggested Retail Price: R22.00 Excl.


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