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There are many reasons why your company should use Cyclops to convert your paper documents to electronic format but the simplest - you can’t carry a filing cabinet home...


  • Easy-to-use software interface
  • Remove the hassles of filing, finding and managing paperwork
  • Prevent the loss of revenue by managing important documents
  • Save time by eliminating the manual sorting and retrieval of documents
  • Save space by storing only critical documents in tightly packed boxes
  • Save space by storing other documents in digital format only
  • Track the location of all original paperwork
  • Automate and streamline business processes
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Improved Internal Communication
  • Access all historical documents
  • One button Express Backup


  • Quick-to-learn. No indepth training required
  • Certify digital documents as legal originals
  • Eliminate the indexing of documents though automatic recognition
  • Double-check documents against your accounting system
  • Automate and streamline business processes
  • Instant access to all documents after scanning
  • Clear chain of command and responsibility for document workflow
  • Automatic Backup of the Database
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So How Does Cyclops Work?

Scan documents

We import documents from a designated folder on each machine where the scanner is setup to send documents to the designated folder. (We support TWAIN for direct communication with scanners.)

Manage batches and check results

You can track where the batches of documents are stored (on-site, at a branch, storage company, etc.) and which Box each document in.

Edit Documents

Handwriting cannot be recognised by Cyclops and index fields must be manually edited. In an event of an error occurring during the recognition process, you can manually correct the error. When editing, you need only enter the document number if it is in your own accounting system and Cyclops retrieves all other data automatically.


You can send documents to their respective contacts by simply selecting an email template and if necessary, updating the email address for each contact.

Print Documents

You can print out any document at any time, with or without stickers and annotations. This includes a certification entry (if available) and the document’s details including box, batch, index number, contact, date of scanning.

Search documents

You can find documents easily using different index fields. Usually, you simply enter the document number or select contact, date and type of document to find.

Analysis of data

Cyclops also identifies missing documents and documents with invalid numbers, provides a summary of the status of all documents and a mean of easily assigning misidentified documents to their correct contacts.

Offsite Backup

Your data can be backed up off-site automatically via the Internet so that if your local server crashes, you don’t lose any of your documents.

Smart Documents

According to the Electronic Communication Act of 2005, any document that is scanned and placed into a ‘system’ is legally an original document, illuminating the need for paper copies.

Your company will benefit from having instant access to all documentation.

Cyclops will automatically index your documents and make them instantly available to all staff members in your company, allowing them to work more efficiently.

Save employee time by eliminating manual handling of paper documents to streamline your business processes and improve your customer service.

Cut your costs by reducing the amount of paper you store and simplifying the processes related to the management of these documents.

Cyclops can be integrated to Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Accounting, Pastel Partner, Pastel Evolution, Accpac and other packages.

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