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Compatibility Charts Compatibility Charts
Here you can find all the compatibility charts for HP , Canon, Epson and Lexmark printer consumables as well as envelope, rubber band sizes and Label sizes to name a few.   
Microsoft Excel- This icon indicates that the file is a Microsoft Excel document.  You must have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer in order to open the file Acrobat Reader- This icon indicates that the file is a Adobe Portable Document (PDF) file. You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to open the file. Download Adobe Reader - free software for viewing and printing Adobe Portable Document files.
:: Printer Cartridge Compatibility Charts ::
  HP Consumables  
Inkjet Compatibility Chart (106Kb)-Microsoft Excel Laserjet Compatibility Chart (38Kb)-Microsoft Excel Designjet Compatibility Chart (48Kb)-Microsoft Excel
Canon - You Can
Canon Printer Compatibility Guide(91 Kb) - Microsoft Excel
Epson - Exceed your Vision
Epson Printer Compatibility Guide(96 Kb) - Microsoft Excel
Lexmark Consumables
Lexmark Printer Compatibility Guide (80 Kb) - Microsoft Excel
Oki Consumables
Oki Printer Compatibility Guide (50Kb) - Microsoft Excel
:: Duracell Battery Compatibility Charts ::
Duracell Batteries
Alkaline(28Kb) - Acrobat Reader Lithium (49Kb) - Acrobat Reader Silver Oxide (57Kb) - Acrobat Reader Zinc Air (28Kb) - Acrobat  Reader
:: Rexel Office Machine Charts ::
Rexel Office Machines
Heavy Duty Punch(468kb) - Acrobat Reader Heavy Duty Stapler(310kb) - Acrobat Reader Staples Chart (176kb) - Acrobat Reader
Shredder Chart(747kb) - Acrobat Reader Binding Machine Chart(616kb) - Acrobat Reader Laminating Machine Chart(623kb) - Acrobat Reader
:: Label Size Charts ::
Tower Labels
Colour Coded & Address Labels (677Kb) - Acrobat Reader Laser Labels (467Kb) - Acrobat Reader
:: Verbatim Consumables ::
DVD Consumables(1119kb) - Acrobat Reader CD Consumables (902kb) - Acrobat Reader Floppy & Tapes (406kb) - Arobat Reader
:: Office Consumables ::
Account Books (97Kb)- Acrobat Reader Envelope Sizes (77Kb) - Acrobat Reader Paper Sizes (103Kb) - Acrobat Reader Rubber Bands (771Kb) - Acrobat Reader
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